Welcome To The Real World (One)


Today...Wednesday morning (04/10/2019) I woke up feeling a bit jaded by the way I was perceiving the online response to my work...It had been like this for years...The previous day I had  photo documented my latest piece “Good Burger & Fries”. I was hopeful that my little milieu online would love it and give me feedback and criticism. I had worked feverishly to make sure that the final work turned out nothing short of awesome and explosive. However, after over 24 hours only 9 or 10 people had even liked the post on Instagram (Instant Gram of Narcotics)...I looked at my follower numbers and compared them to all of the people I had supported (like 800 to 8000). 

     It was at this point that I recognized the lack of specifically apparent reflective value that this and other social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) have given Delé Akerejah and the Dopamine Clinic since I gave myself over to the idea that “this is the future” (like most of the world concerning social media/virtual reality). 

   A man once told me of a proverb when I used to hang out on the streets of uptown Washington, DC (shout out to Georgia Avenue, Sheridan and Rittenhouse!)

    Trinidad Wesley had stated that “It is a very bad thing to be with many followers...and have no supporters”. This was back in 2016 or 2017. I always held onto those words...

    After a long time of  trying to reconcile the value of the Dopamine Clinic with its’ internet metrics, it became apparently clear to me that something partial was at play in order to shape my perceptions around my work. Missing articles and removed google references made an agenda apparently clear. The Dopamine Clinic has many inimical elements working in concert against it...Fine enough.

    I decided to back off from following people who had no interaction or relationship to me or my work with the Dopamine Clinic in a real sense. Many,I imagine attempt to leverage topical associations like “so and so follows me” to augment certain positions that their own agendas take the shape of...

   Within my conspiracy theorist melancholy I began mass unfollowing. What I noticed may shock a few people. I noticed so many algorithmically established accounts (you can often successfully attempt  to distinguish the A.I. from the human accounts based on name and number compositions...for starters. 

   Then I came to another conclusion...or theory...Perhaps the whole social media industry is a tight knit racket designed to shape your self concept. As Linkin Parks’ Mike Shinoda once stated “Attention is the currency of the new millennium”. Profound statement by Mr.Shinoda. If the amount of attention you actually get on the internet due to your merits is arbitrated by sources that have a great stake in manipulating people’s perceptions in order to regulate social consciousness (perhaps to secure power and market positions ) then one cannot see social media as truly democratic and open sourced. It’s already controlled and censored. A big legislative parade about controlling the internet is all too unnecessary at this point. The aligned interest of a Cabal have made the necessary deals to operate. The 21st century’s robber barons have no commodity as such and so Anti-Trust laws become as laughable as law enforcement against organized crime prior to the R.I.C.O Act.

    Essentially, It is no secret that there are entire sub industrial complexes composed of “computer” savvy folks with a bit of A.I. knowledge who will openly offer you 2000 “likes” or 20,000 “followers” for a “reasonable fee”...It is also my belief that the platform founders (public relations puppets included) have to be “in on it” quite primarily as is evinced by intensity of scientific research into how these platform interfaces affect the brain of the average human being...I mean we live in a world where to be “unfollowed” or “unfriended” is considered an ultimate insult...We live in a world where a significant other becomes infuriated upon learning of their man or woman “liking” or “commenting” on the pages of imaginary rival. We live in an age where the United States Presidents most feared weapon is his Twitter feed...not a nuclear warhead lol!

   Internet culture has subsumed human consciousness into something silly...And I give credits to the evil geniuses of course...Because I tell you...If I was able to digitally stream consciousness and encyst imaginary friends into avatars and suck up information from the human element while inserting A.I. platforms into the emotional construct in order to establish control of the future...I might...given I was a megalomaniac... I however believe in true choices. So forget that level.

    Nonetheless, I must say plainly that I feel most of the people online are bots looking to regulate the Dopamine output in order to regulate and create markets, or folks trying to curate their true lives into idyllic scenes of success. I mean how many photoshopped pictures of a woman on the street turned pilgrim to Kapilevastu will we see before recognizing that virtually everyone is trying to fool everyone virtually...for an all too animalistic and human desire...significance and recognition as a person.

     Social Media for me is a farce..I have 5000 friends on Facebook...Give me a break lol.You wanna meet someone, aside from the hologram spectrum encrusted upon physical reality...you walk up and say hello. It’s that simple. How can all the world continue to accommodate the results of social anxiety in the intelligent yet immature?

  The movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg is a corollary to the Matrix that should be paid attention to. It is a metaphor for today. When enough people have lives that are lackluster and they discover that they can possibly find cheap pleasure fooling each other, you have a world that with technomancy turned itself into a population of cosplayers to escape from mundane life. 

  I feel this is older than we can imagine...Why do cyborg clone wars need to start? The machines already control the people and everyone seems to prefer it. I mean look at all the people ignoring each other and engaging devices...The device is in fact engaging them...They are merely the host...

   In the 21st century...the value of the dollar and cent have been overtaken by the “comment” and the “like”. That is our world today. Crack cocaine has finally become digital and most of the world is addicted. 

  You can see for yourself from my writing that the effects of these platforms are universally pervasive. I mean imagine...I have 800 “followers” on Instagram and an average of 4 to 5 “likes” per post. That engagement rate would perplex even the most serious social scientist. 

   I made a decision today.I will use these platforms exclusively for the purposes of documenting my work for posterity. However, I’m supremely aware that people world over know about the Dopamine Clinic...and so there are clear forces at work in trying to prevent me from my due recognition and it’s presence. I think this had to be written for the other artists and creative souls as well who may get just as frustrated as I...Straight up...it’s a racket of folks using Artificial Intelligence to fancy themselves king makers...There are no billionaires anymore...only “Decisionaires”.

   The irony of it all is when I started mass unfollowing those “bred accounts” this morning on Instagram I was blocked from using that function. It’s funny how a system said to involve billions of people has that level of specific attention on who one “obscure” Dopamine Clinic is unfollowing. 

  This piece goes out to all those living a real fucking life...all over...the Real World!