There Is An App Side!

     As the fans and supporters have known, from it’s inception my vision of the Dopamine Clinic has always involved thinking outside of the box while pushing against all odds.  Creativity and guerrilla ingenuity have been the twin engines of this humble bohemian art and design studio for many moons...but as of late the urge to turn things up another notch has been saddled with the burden of resource limitation. 

   Integrating more technology to reach a wider audience to share with has long been a goal of the studio. So when a Silicon Valley based App developer, Mansa Me Inc. decided to sign on for a joint venture to develop a “super dope” app with the Dopamine Clinic you can only imagine how thrilled I was about the possibilities. Now after many meetings and strategy sessions...The “Dopamine Collage” app is now available to All on IOS/IPhones!!!

   It wasn’t an easy thing at all to conceptualize this niche app, but with “the Clinic” at the creative helm and Mansa Me  engineering the mechanics of the project we arrived at success through the Grace of God. So reach into your iphones App Store and take a gander at the Free Collage video game that runs like a free form Tetris matrix. Now you can join in the joys of Collage making...Dopamine Clinic style! Cheers.

                                            -  Dele Akerejah (Executive Artist of the Dopamine Clinic)