The Essence of A Dopamine Clinic Art Class

   My feelings about DelĂ© Akerejah and my experience with the Dopamine Clinic Studio can be reflected in the following thoughts...

   All Human beings are Art...both of and within themselves. Art is not a gift or skill; It is the natural part of each and every individual human being, the Spirit that is ingrained in the beliefs of free thinking societies globally.


   We are all Artists and Dele, the guiding Shepherd, shows us how naturally human it is to be so. There is not stress or rigid "have to's" or "do nots". You choose, you sense, you feel your way along the steps of taking bits and pieces,snippets and strokes of pen, paint, magic marker, oil, watercolor, acrylic in order to share your self on canvas, card board, paper or any chosen medium and; collage a piece of yourself into a master piece. He is so Good at it, that every Student at the Street Sense Media organization has had their works Sold and Collected (2016 Capitol Hill Arts Workshop).


     Simply Take a look at Dele's Masterpieces, and follow the reflection of his thoughts, pathways, journeys and memories; All built from the recycled abstraction of the discarded into a work of Beauty.

     A workshop with Dele, will be one of the most memorable, moving learning experiences one can have, not just for the approach and skill, but for being shown through ones' own point of view the self reflection of one' s beauty reflected on paper or canvas as Art. 

       It just simply, fun, inspiring and lovely! 


                                 Angie Whitehurst

                (Dopamine Clinic Art Student & Contributing Writer)