Hybrid Theory Manifesto In The Art World




    The World of Art... has always been compartmentalized into two core Kingdoms...Fine Art and Commercial Art. This is an inherently hierarchical dynamic which has virtually no merit in the 21st century with various artistic traditions and artistic persuasions. It is the declarative position of the Dopamine Clinic that this delineation in the Visual Culture industry has to be phased out irrevocably. It has in "fact” but not in "form", due to many reasons. One is the staunch resistance of the forces at the top, comprised of a small elite, who ultimately use this old paradigm to further enrich themselves at the expense of the freedom and free manifestation of artistic expression and appreciation. The Dopamine Clinic, a Bohemian Art Studio, posits through its work and ethos that Visual Culture must never be exclusive to a few Oligarchs and Billionaires. Art must be Democratic in a "free society". It also submits that collage art is life, and its expression and appreciation must be Democratic.


    When an Artist has high end original works for sale and makes inexpensively available, utilitarian reproductions...He or She has done so out of a compassionate consideration for the average "Joe" or "Jane", who is not likely to have a disposable $15,000 or $7,000,000 to purchase a single item with!  Technology and Consumer Culture make the Worlds of Fine Art and Commercial Art seamlessly interchangeable.  Should a curator or gallery decide that an Artist is not worth dealing with because they are marketing their works through multiple distribution methods?  it is not a valid indictment on the quality of the images produced by that Artist, but rather an exposition of the static norms that safeguard the all too often Classist, and Static architecture that insulates the interests of a few self-selected Gate Keepers at the expense of the larger world.


   The Dopamine Clinic is deliberate in its resistance to this pervasive and subtle oppression in the Art Industry. After all...the studios' roots stem from the gritty city streets of Washington, DC. The Dopamine Clinic is deliberately flouting the dated notion that a Fine Art Painter cannot use their skills of observation to decide how and where to take a position in a Global Market...in a world that is now Flat due to the continuing innovations in transport and communication in what is now Marshal McLuhan’s Global Village.


   The Dopamine Clinic refuses to isolate itself from the Masses of the underprivileged Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow People whose daily existence in the world is littered with doors closed to them.  Although it will hurt the studios reputation in elite circles, it is unimportant in the 21st Century and the larger course of Human History. Access to Art is a Human Right! Franz Fanons’ “Wretched Of The Earth” must have access to art in all its’ manifestation.   Staunch opposition is expected, but this is so anytime we witness alternative artistic persuasion and appreciation, especially by people of Colour asserting themselves. They are inevitably due to assume their Place of Power...in the World... of Colours.