Katja Said New!!!

It’s the 2018 Street Sense 15 Year Anniversary Celebration and the industrial rooms at Big Chief bar are alive with conversation, music and artwork. I meander around people, pausing to admire the artwork of current and past Street Sense Vendors, who have struggled with homelessness, and are here tonight expressing their creativity. Along the back wall, the vivid colors, raw sense of emotion of four paintings grab me from across the room. 

While I’m enjoying the paintings, the artist, a very personable Delé Akerejah, introduces himself. Delé reveals his personal story, history with Street Sense Media, and then explains his creative process, how he is involved in the art scene in DC, and his interest in collaborating with more artists. 

He shares an exciting and unique new project, an app called Dopamine Collage, that he has developed with the help of a tech-savvy friend. As soon as he explains that I can use this app to create collages while I’m on my metro commute, I’m all in and download it the next day. His innovative vision to help anyone create art in a fun, interactive, and accessible way (instead of just mindlessly using our phones) has been realized with this new app. Kudos to Delé for continuing to be a driving force in the DC art scene and reminding us that art can cure some of our pain.