Birth of A Clinic (1984)

A few years back...on the bustling corner of the 2nd and D block in downtown Washington D.C. I was a fixture of the scene. It was composed mostly of homeless hustlers, misfits, and society’s marginals. One of these days the resident “mad wise man” Melvin randomly approached me with a question. “Parlez-Vous (my street name), Are the Dopamine Clinic and Parlez-Vous interchangeable?” I casually answered him with a flippant “Yeah, I guess.”

     I had no idea how true that answer would ring in the years to follow. Recently I had the idea on one cool spring evening to watch the classic art and culture film “Style Wars”...I had no prior knowledge of  the film or what it was about. In fact, I first heard “Style Wars” in a one off conversation during a date with a former university co-ed from Long Island. On a tangent...We both happen to have been born in the 1980’s period that the documentary chronicles...I have never seen her again, nor do I remember much of our brief 48 hours for that name...Style Wars.

     The search engine came back with a film that captured my attention for 7 nights in a row. The sub-cultural zeitgeist embodied in the triumvirate components of Graffiti,Rap Music, and Break dancing anchored me creatively to a place and period of human history that heralded the birth of Akindele Ikhide Akerejah on August 4th 1984.       

I returned to Earth at the tipping point of the American decade in human creativity that molded me and thus molded...the Dopamine Clinic. I get hype when I think of the energy of the 1980’s. It all got me thinking...When anyone asks me when the Dopamine Clinic came to be...I may not answer as I previously have by responding “between 2011 and 2012”. From now on in fact I’ll tell the person “It was founded in 1984...but 2012 was the delivery date” to get a bit Dada and cryptic about it. I’ll honor how I answered Melvin in 2014 while keeping chronological accuracy with the phenomenal world... The Dopamine Clinic...established in 1984…Long live the Dopamine Clinic!